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Why Rides?

Rides a sustainable transportation solution to help you and the environment.

  • Be the Driver

    Save money for fuel and parking by sharing your ride with one or more people. The more you use, the more you save.

  • Cheap and convenient

    Small contributions for rides can go a long way. Connect with people on the go and keep up with the sharing spirit without the commitment of traditional carpooling.

  • Be the Rider

    Get a ride from a driver nearby and never need to wait for a bus again.

  • Help the environment

    Do your part for the environment by reducing traffic congestion and contributing for less carbon emissions.

Safety Features

We keep you safe using extensive safety and ID features

Emergency Mode

Activate it whenever you feel you’re in a distressful situation.

Live safety support team

Available to support you in an emergency.

PIN confirmation of all actions

Use your PIN each time you start or finish a ride.

Everyone's ID is Confirmed

Your ID is checked before you become an approved user.

Security Questions

Security questions are used to manage emergency alerts.

Feedback & Ratings

Rating your driver or rider helps building up a trusted community.

How it works

Rides has been designed with your convenience and security in mind. Here is how it works:

  • Drivers – Turn on your app when you are about to start a trip. Enter your itinerary, set up the contribution amount you want to receive and choose number of seats offered. Ride requests will show on your screen and you can accept or decline with a swipe (right to accept, left to decline). You can communicate with the Rider using the chat feature (down arrow). Confirm pick up and drop off with your PIN. Receive the contribution from the rider and leave them a rating. You must end your trip when you get to your destination, so you can start a new trip. To end or cancel a trip, tap on the green action bar on the ‘Start trip’ screen and then swipe. You can change to Rider mode from the 'Settings' screen.
  • Riders – Check ride offers from the ‘Find a Ride’ screen (map). Click on the one that suits you and enter your location and destination. Send the request with a right swipe. When you receive the Driver’s confirmation, just wait to be picked up at your location. You can communicate with the Driver using the chat feature (down arrow). Confirm pick up and drop off with your PIN. Give the driver the agreed contribution and leave them a rating. You can change to Driver mode from the 'Settings' screen.
  • Contribution – Is the reasonable amount requested by a driver to contribute towards their vehicle operation and maintenance (fuel and wear and tear) proportional to the distance travelled. According to New Zealand regulations, when sharing a ride, drivers cannot receive payment for time or service without a passenger service licence, so make sure the contribution you ask is within these parameters. Contribution amounts must be displayed with the ride offer and must be paid to the driver at the end of a trip.
  • PINs – You’ll need to set up a PIN and an emergency PIN. Your PIN will be used at the end of each event (pick ups and drop offs). If you use your emergency PIN, it will trigger the emergency mode. Alternatively, in case of emergency, you can just use the emergency activation button in the menu.


Rides utilises an advanced swipe and action interface allowing users to easily use the app on-the-go.

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